About Old Irving Park

About Old Irving Park

Old Irving Park is a neighborhood within Chicago’s Irving Park community. The borders are Montrose to the North, Addison to the South, Pulaski Avenue to the East, and the Milwaukee Road Railway to the West. These borders were determined by the original two farms that dominated the landscape when the area was first developed in the 1870s.

Many who live in Old Irving Park will tell you they feel like they have the best of both worlds—the conveniences of the city combined with the charm of the suburbs. Here are some testimonials from our neighbors.

“Old Irving Park is the best of city living. We are in an urban setting, ten minutes from downtown and O’Hare, but we are a strong, tight-knit community of neighbors who care about each other and our neighborhood. It’s a place to call home, not just a five-year pit stop before moving to the suburbs.”
— Lynn A.

“Three  years ago my husband and I saw an old house that most people would have torn down and decided to renovate and make Old Irving Park our home. The historic nature of Old Irving Park often makes me want to be part of an era less isolated by technology and individualism and more motivated by compassion and community.”
— Colleen K. 

“We love Old Irving Park because we have great neighbors, it also has great public transportation to the Loop and O’Hare. OIPA is great because it keeps us informed about what’s going on in and around our neighborhood.  We especially like attending the candidate forums and the OIPA meetings where we hear from our elected officials.”
— William L. and Gregory W.

“My favorite part of Old Irving Park is the very likely chance that when you are walking your dog, a neighbor will call you up on their porch for a glass of wine. (You can make a whole evening out of this—I have.) Or that once school is out on Fridays, the streets fill with bikes and kids, lawn chairs come out, and pizzas get ordered. And that after your first year in the neighborhood, you will likely have celebrated a major holiday with a neighborhood family, welcomed a new baby for another and found yourself staying too late at a block party.” — Lisa H.