Keep OIP Clean

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Join the “Keep OIP Clean” Movement – Together, We Can Make a Difference!
Inspired by a shared vision, neighbors in Old Irving Park initiated a grassroots effort in 2018 to beautify our community. We have hosted volunteer cleaning events and partnered with street sweeping and cleaning services to remove litter from our common areas.

From Spring through Fall, and even in Winter when the weather permits, our volunteers and cleaning partners work diligently to keep our neighborhood litter-free. We focus on problematic areas, including the Irving Park, Pulaski, Keeler and Kostner viaducts, Highway ramps, Metra platforms and embankments, and the Avondale corridor, transforming them into spaces of which we can all be proud.


Recognizing the importance of this initiative and the overwhelming community support it has garnered, the Old Irving Park Association assumed financial responsibility in the fall of 2023. This commitment has significantly bolstered our efforts, enabling us to expand our reach and enhance our cleaning operations.

Your support – whether financial, in-kind, or through volunteering – is the lifeblood of Keep OIP Clean. Every contribution makes a tangible difference in our neighborhood. Together, we are doing more than just cleaning; we are fostering a sense of pride and community.

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Remember, every small action contributes to a bigger change!

Let’s work together to keep Old Irving Park a beautiful, clean, and vibrant place to live and visit.